June 21, 2018

Diablo 13 JP is LIVE at Box 24, Spartan Slots and Black Diamond!

Game Description

When it comes to Diablo 13 JP the title really sums up the overall theme for this game. Diablo 13 JP is a game in which you know what's in store. Your first glance will reveal skulls, demons, bibles and a whole lot of the colour red. It's a devil themed slot game from Top Game that has all things “hell” at its core.

In all seriousness this is really going to be a niche driven game, with the overall theme being what either attracts or repulses most players, because as we know “evil” is hardly going to be every player’s cup of tea. It's a seldom seen theme for sure, which gives in a unique feel, so if you can get past the subject matter of the game, then it becomes a pretty decent title with a progressive jackpot in tow. Blatantly red and embodying everything “evil”, while it might be controversial there is no denying that Diablo 13 JP has the power to entertain.

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