March 01, 2018

The 2018 spring edition of ‘Sloto Magazine’ marks the second anniversary of the renowned entertainment magazine that contains generous Courtesy Spins and Promo Codes for the months of March, April and May.

Affiliates - Just send us your full name and address before March 5th to receive a copy to your door! If you requested a copy previously, you will automatically receive this copy.


Spring 2018 Magazine Features:

Famous Promotions Calendar

Our now legendary 3 month calendar has a dozen or more Free Spins and Bonus coupons on special dates and holidays such as Easter week and Memorial day. We have special treats for you all the way into May 2018 - don't miss any of these valuable coupons!

Horoscope and Scan Code

Read our new and original gamers' horoscope to discover your luck for the new season. Also redeem exclusive monthly coupons by scanning a QR code in our magazine!

Trivia and Double Comps

Solve our 3-question trivia to win a courtesy coupon for free cash! Also, find out which games grant double comps during the spring!

New Game

We give you a review of one of our most popular new slots plus exclusive coupons to play it throughout this season.

Renew your luck with Sloto Magazine!

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